Personal data protection policy

Confidentiality agreement

Collection and use of personal data: No collection and use of personal data.

Collection and use of non-personal data: No collection and use of non-personal data.

Cookies and other technologies: none.

Automated Decision Making and Profiling: No decisions involving the use of algorithms or profiling.

Geolocation services: no collection of location data.

International transfers: none.

Regarding third-party cookies,

we have included on our site links to computer applications from third parties, which allow you to :

Watch videos (Youtube),

Share content from our site with other people or let these other people know your consultation or your opinion concerning content on our site (social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram),

Access partner websites,

Access the Apple, Amazon and Google stores.

These computer applications can collect data relating to your browsing on our site and associate them with the personal data they have.

We invite you to consult the privacy protection policies of these sites in order to be aware of the purposes of use, in particular advertising, of the browsing information that they can collect through these application buttons / links. These protection policies must in particular allow you to exercise your choices with these sites by setting up your accounts for using these sites.

To refuse cookies, you can configure the preferences of your browser software as follows:

For Mozilla Firefox :
Choose the « tool » menu then « Options » / Click on the « privacy » icon / Locate the « cookie » menu and select the options that suit you.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 to 10.0 :
Go to the “Tools” (or “Tools”) menu, then “Internet Options” (or “Internet Options”) / click on the “Confidentiality” (or “privacy”) tab / select the desired level using cursor.

For Chrome :
Go to the Settings menu> Advanced settings> Privacy and security then choose in « Content settings » then in « cookies » the option that suits you.

For Safari :
Go to the Preferences> Confidentiality menu then choose the configuration that suits you.

For Opera :
Go to the menu Settings> Privacy and security> Cookies then choose the configuration that suits you.